Lincoln Grounds
Composer, musician, producer, A&R guy, engineer, co-writer & maker of tea..
As a composer I am mostly to be found in the studio creating high quality production music for TV, film & commercial sync & online. 
I also collaborate extensively working with artists & co-writers on projects be it independant record releases or media productions.
Whatever the reason for making the music however, it's always done the right way - real & authentic! This is why the studio is set up as a spontaneous writing & recording space where miking up performances is fast & intuitive for the artist.
The tech stuff can be found
I have special interest in Americana & vintage recording with a partner studios in Nashville TN, USA & specialist vintage recording facilities in the U.K. However, here at Maverick Music Ltd studio, recording, singer songwriters, small bands, live drums, string quartet, brass, vocals & small ensembles is all in a days work...
I have a "wrecking crew" of awesome  session musicians both in the U.K. & USA. Fixing sessions couldn't be easier..
"Lincoln has the heart of a seasoned musician, the creative mind of a brilliant composer and the ear of a great engineer and producer. None of these skills contradict each other, combined, they are the essence of what makes his work so special. Lincoln and I have worked on numerous projects over the last four years and my musical life is richer because of this collaboration."    Thomm Jutz, Nashville, TN